Hi, my name is Natalie!

I started this blog to catalog my adventures in the world of making things; my main focus having been knitting, dyeing, and handspinning. I’ve since expanded my repertoire and do almost every other kind of craft and hobby you can imagine.

I’m 25, married to an exceptionally supportive man named Matt, and have a house of furbabies – a one-year-old German Shepherd mix   named Sadie and two cats for whom this blog is named. Sadly, at the end of 2012, we had to put down our three-year-old shaggy mutt named Rory.

In 2010 we bought a 100-year-old house in beautiful Eau Claire, WI. Much of my time is spent on home improvement, decor, or dreaming about it.

Who are Hazel and Agnes?

In 2008 we adopted two older cats who wer

e about to be abandoned. I wasn’t much of a cat person at the time, but my husband always wanted one and we lived in an apartment where dogs weren’t an option. They were named Patches and Casey, but I wanted to change their names to Hazel and Agnes because they were more suitable old-lady names. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they knew their names very well, and even came when called. How many cats do that? We had to settle for their given names, and I had to settle for a blog named Hazel and Agnes instead.

Natalie and Matt

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