Hipstaprint Notepad: DIY

It’s not a secret that I love the Hipstamatic. If it weren’t for the novelty of my d-slr, it would probably be my go-to camera. Here’s a quick DIY for cute Hipstaprint notepads (aka “Hipstabooks”) that are great for tossing in your purse or giving as gifts… in fact, I’m giving one away to our Blog Better Challenge winner! Check out the tutorial after the jump…

1.  Assemble your supplies:

- Hipstaprints (mine are 4×4″)

- Cutting tools (I use a rotary cutter + ruler, but you can use a paper slicer if you have one)

- Pages, cut to match the size of your photos

- Cardboard, also cut to fit your photo

- Printable labels

- Label maker – I use my Xyron for almost everything; got it for <$10.

- Binding machine and binding wire

2. Affix a label to your photo

3.  Stack the photo, pages, and cardboard backing the way it will be bound.

(At this point, if you don’t have a binding machine, head on down to Kinko’s or OfficeMax- they’ll be able to bind it for a few bucks.)

4. Follow the directions for your binding machine (mine is a Zutter Bind-It-All) and punch holes in your cover and pages. Make sure you aren’t punching more at one time than it can handle, and double and triple check to make sure everything lines up!

5. Thread your binding wire through the holes. Make sure you follow the directions for your particular machine to ensure the binding ends up in the right place!

6. Smoosh it. Again, this is probably machine dependent and it’s important to follow the directions!

7. Admire your book*!

Easy! Obviously, there are a hundred ways this could be customized. Do something fabulous and show me!

*Yes, I did notice in the photo that step 7 is actually labeled 8.  Oops.

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5 Responses to “Hipstaprint Notepad: DIY”

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  3. Hi Natalie
    I need more coffee :) ) I just wrote a comment, and LOST the comment. Worth the re-do ! Thanks for finding me on CraftGawker….that was my first entry,and you were the first person to comment. Aren’t YOU special ? xx Now, I will always remember you. More importantly, it brought me to your blog. Which I love. And I am subscribing to !!!! I am absolutely crazy MAD IN LOVE with hipstamatic too. I have a few faves….even cartoonatic….I blog about them sometimes cause I can’t help myself.
    It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to meet you.
    Lynne xx

    • Natalie says:

      Wow, your comment seriously just made my day! (And it’s still early!!)
      I’m flattered that you’re subscribing- I’m kind of in love with your blog, too :)
      I have a special place in my heart for Hipstamatic – mostly because it was created by my best friend’s brother – I was a huge fan of it even before I got my iPhone (I actually bought the app before I got my iPhone because I’m that nerdy) and didn’t find out until later that it was his baby… my friend is like “yeah I think he made an app or something.. idk I heard it’s pretty popular…” What.
      That is a long story and my coffee hasn’t fully kicked in yet, so please excuse any grammatical errors and/or nonsensical ramblings. :D

  4. Trina says:

    Love this! I have some IG photos I might use. :)

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