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Indie Inspiration: Dog Lovers

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Indie Inspiration: Dog Lovers

1. BW Barkery //  2. RodaLuLu  //  3. Dogtails  //  4. Rockstar Puppy  //  5. Bacon Square Farm  //  6. Mimi Green  //  7. Billets-Doux


Today I’m featuring some of the incredibly cool accessories for our furry friends from Etsy (I’m just in love with number 7!)


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Hello, Sadie!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Yesterday we received an unexpected phone call from a family who was looking to rehome their lovely dog, Sadie. Having recently moved to a small home, they no longer had the room for her. I had originally replied to the couples’ Craigslist ad, but Matt was hesitant to jump into dog ownership again, and we decided not to go through with adopting her. They let me know that they had another family lined up.

When they called, they said the other family lied about their situation (said they lived in a house with a big yard, when in reality they lived in a hotel; had a bunch of other big dogs, etc.) and decided they didn’t want her anyway. Knowing from our previous conversation that we had a big yard and recently lost Rory, they asked if we’d like to meet her. We agreed and instantly fell in love!

Her name is Sadie (short for Mercedes), and she is a one-year-old german shepherd mix. They thought she might have some lab in her, but it almost looks like a bit of collie, doesn’t it? She is the sweetest dog, and literally the softest one I have ever felt. When Matt walked in the door yesterday, she literally leapt into his arms. We’ll have to work on that!

She’s already such a good girl; she’s never been on a leash and stays near you outside (though we’ll be working on leash training stat!) She immediately comes when she’s called, but things like “sit” and “lay down” are foreign concepts. She seems smart, though, so I’m sure she’ll figure it out in no time!

The cutest thing is that she loves to sit on my lap and press the side of her face into mine. It’s ridiculously adorable.

I’m confident she’ll be a great dog with a bit of training, and I am so, so happy to have another canine family member!

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Aw, Rors.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Rorzipan fell asleep again with her tongue hanging out. Teehee.


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Bunny Update

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Look what Rory brought to me yesterday and dropped unceremoniously on the kitchen floor. A baby bunners.  Awwwwwww.

This little guy (girl?) was still alive and didn’t seem to be hurt (although, he could have had some broken bones or internal bleeding, I can’t know for sure), but he was so little he fit into the palm of my hand and his eyes weren’t even open yet (don’t worry, I did not touch him with my hands).

I wrapped him in a towel and put him in a little loaf pan (obviously) while I googled “my dog brought me a baby bunny, what should I do?”  Yes, there are websites devoted to the subject.

I ended up finding the number for a local wildlife rehabilitation farm. Here’s what I learned!

  • Bunnies aren’t really bothered by the scent of a human (contrary to popular belief); they’re more likely to die from fright (you can literally give them a heart attack) or separation anxiety.
  • If I could find the nest, I could put him back with his family. The mother rabbit comes by once a day (usually in the middle of the night) to check on them and feed them. If I couldn’t find the nest, the mother rabbit wouldn’t be able to find him and he would surely die.
  • Bunnies are *extremely* difficult to raise into adulthood – even putting some fresh grass in the box could chill him to death because of the moisture.
  • Bunnies need other bunnies. The rehabilitator told me that because they didn’t have any other rabbits at the facility, he would not likely survive even if I brought him in :(

I tried to get Rory to show me the nest, but because our yard is extremely overgrown in some parts, it was tough. I’m pretty sure I found the general location, based on the trampled down weeds and the type of stuff that was in Ror’s fur when she came inside.  Truthfully, I don’t even know if there are any other bunnies left (based on the fact that Rory has been spending a lot of time outside, and this is the SECOND one in two days that she’s brought to us…. for all I know, she ate all the others)

I ended up taking the bunny out and putting him under some brush near where I thought the nest was. I feel horrible that I couldn’t find his home, but I guess there’s nothing I could have done. On one hand, I want to pray that he survived, but on the other – I know this is how nature works, and if all bunnies survived, we’d literally be tripping on them as we went about our daily lives. Plus, they can carry fleas and other nasties (Rory got fleas from one on Easter this year, of all days). And fleas can, among other things, give Rory a disease which could kill her.

So I guess it’s just the circle of life.  It’s still hard to take, though! They’re so cuuuuuuuute.

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My Dog the Murderer

Friday, August 26th, 2011

My precious baby, my beautiful puppers Rory, came home with her first mangled baby bunny tonight.

An older picture of Rory on a less deadly day.

I didn’t see it, thankfully, but my tenderhearted husband says that it was gruesome. You know. Intestines and stuff. And the poor thing wasn’t dead yet.

Rors was just *so* proud of herself, and marched it right into the house, trailing entrails with her.


But just look at that face!

The worst part is, we just can’t bring ourselves to snuggle and be affectionate with her sloppy beardface, which is undoubtedly covered in gut residue.  And Rory can tell that we’re avoiding her. Because she has been sticking her face all up in our business tonight.

It’s just so… gross.  And truthfully, she probably thought she was bringing home a fresh meal for her “pack”. Trying to be helpful, and earn her keep. I appreciate the sentiment, truly. I just… ugh.

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