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Tutorial: Gilded Hearts Notebook

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Gilded Hearts Notebook TutorialGilded Hearts Notebook Tutorial

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

I’ve been avoiding knitting for quite some time now – I have buckets and buckets of long-ignored yarn and wool. It’s sad, but I really can’t do it like I used to. My arms, shoulders, and neck just won’t let me do it for very long.

But,¬† just yesterday, I saw Koanizee’s Juneberry Triangle via Pinterest and had to have it. It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to feel this way about a knitting project, but it feels good.

Seriously... couldn't you just die?

I’m a sucker for a silk/wool blend, though. Had I seen the pattern as it was intended to be knit, in a tweed wool, I wouldn’t have looked twice (not that I don’t love tweed… but you know. It has more appropriate uses, in my opinion.)

Here’s a sneak peek at my beginning. I’m loving the pattern (charted, obviously). We’ll see how long I can continue – if you know me, you know that I finish very few knitting projects.

Click to see project on Ravelry



I’ve made a few adjustments so far – rather than a garter stitch edge, I’m using my favorite slip-stitch border. I’ll be sure to take some more illustrative photos and explain it in a future update, but just know that it’s awesome.

I’m also knitting/purling through the back loop of the center stitch. I prefer that stitch to be nice and tight.

It feels good to be back!

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Ravelry Wednesday

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I’m going to start a new thing called Ravelry Wednesday around here. ¬†I spend quite a bit of time on Rav browsing patterns I will never realistically knit, so I should at least share them with the world.

Also – I am fully aware that it is no longer Wednesday. ¬†Oops. ¬†But, in my defense… I started it yesterday. ¬†So there.


Hello, sweater of my dreams…

I cast on for this wonderous garment yesterday, and just got through the ribbing on the back.  UGH I hate ribbing.  But it looks so good!

This is where I’m at right now:

Yes, this is a terrible photo. ¬†But I don’t feel like dragging out my real camera and uploading it to my computer. ¬†You will have to deal with a Hipstamatic shot lit by the glow of my computer.

The reason I use yarn for markers instead of actual, pretty stitch markers (of which I have hundreds, probably) is that I’m tired of people saying “ohhh how beautiful what are you making??!?” only to find out that they’re really commenting on the jeweled markers and *not* the knitting. ¬†And then they’re disappointed that my sweater will not come with its own jewelry. ¬†And I want to kick them for not appreciating fine handwork. ¬†Also, I can’t find any right now.

If you’re not a member of Ravelry yet, go join! ¬†It’s amazing! ¬†If you are and want ot be friends with me, my username is NatalieDanger.

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