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Tasty Typeface: Thirsty Rough

Friday, January 11th, 2013

I purchased my first font today! Normally I just gaze longingly at them, as they’re usually too expensive to justify buying for personal use – but this one was on sale for $9! Take a gander at Thirsty Rough:



I love the old-school, retro style of it. I can see this used in many a project.

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Merry Retro Christmas – Free Download

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I designed a retro card and gift tags for Christmas. The tags are a free download, and the card is for sale as a download in my Etsy shop for only $4!




Click to download!

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Curated | Interior Inspiration: Science

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Interior Inspiration: Science

  1. 1895 Spectra Of The Sun Stars, Nebulae and Gases print from Vintage Inclination  |  $35
  2. 1950s Microscope and Casefrom Housing Authority  |  $30
  3. 12-Inch Replogle Globe from Lucca Bales Vintage  |  $40
  4. 100ml Vintage Pyrex Laboratory Flask from BaraWen Vintage  |  £7
  5. Human Body Book from Old Vintage Goodies  |   $25
  6. Earth Art Space Print from MeganLee  | $28


I stumbled upon some beautiful sciencey finds at Savers yesterday, so today’s inspiration is rather laboratory-inspired. All of the items are from Etsy, and most are one-of-a-kind.

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Thrift Store Find: 1947 Singer Dressmaker Guide

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

I found the coolest thing I’ve ever spent $.99 on yesterday at Savers – a Singer Dressmaker Guide dated 1942!

The sewing tips inside are timeless, of course, but the illustrations are particularly charming.

(Note the original $.25 price tag – holy inflation, Batman!)

Time to bust out Betty the Dressform and do some sewing!



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Wanderlust – Free Printable 3″x4″ Journaling Cards

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

I found a vintage atlas at my favorite local antique store for a few bucks, just begging to be ripped apart and used in all kinds of amazing projects. I scanned in some pages and created this set of 12 3″x4″ journaling cards for Project Life or any other scrapbooking/papercraft project your heart desires.

This download is in .zip format and consists of 12 individual CMYK .png files at 300 DPI – perfect for printing. Two have transparent backgrounds for framing your own images – to use, simply place over your photo in your favorite image editing program and crop. The photos in the preview are for example only and are not part of the download.


Creative Commons License    Wanderlust Journaling Cards by Natalie Matz are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Flying Lessons

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

A while back, I mentioned to my dad that I might want to get my pilot’s license eventually. It’s something I really wanted to do as a kid. I grew up hearing all about legendary pilots – especially female ones. Amelia Earhart was a hero of mine.

SO for my birthday, I got flying lessons!

Well, more accurately, a collection of training materials in the hopes that I can learn on my own and skip ground school. But last Sunday, we actually went flying and it was fun. The last time I rode in this plane, I was too short to see over the sides. This time I brought my camera, though I didn’t get to take many pictures, since my dad actually expected me to, you know, fly it. (I only almost stalled it once! Yay me!)


This airplane is a PT-17¬†Stearman¬†Biplane¬†- used during WWII to train Navy pilots. It’s especially exciting given my love of all things from that era.

Stearman Biplane

The prop is made from wood.


I honestly don't know what that ribbon is for. Maybe to see if you're actually flying when you're up in the air? *shrugs*



While I can’t find much information about it on the Internet, I believe the Stearman is a rag-wing plane – meaning the frame of the wings is made out of fabric and painted over. Kind of like paper-mache, if you will. If you look closely (wish I had taken a picture), you can see the individual strips of material with pinked edges. I always got a kick out of that when I was a kid.


Planes are surprisingly light - you can easily pull/push it out of the hangar by yourself.


Stearman Biplane

The passenger sits in the front seat, and can see the pilot via a rear-view mirror.


Stearman Biplane

That's my dad. Obviously.


I'd like to point out that I was not given a briefing of what these instruments mean. At one point, he said "What does your altimeter say?" I wanted to reply, "I don't even know where it is, let alone how to read it." Except I couldn't, because it's very loud and the headset didn't work very well.



Both the rear and front seats have controls and instruments, but the rear has a more complete set.


Stearman Biplane over Lake Wausau - Copyright 2012 Natalie Matz, All Rights Reserved

All of the boats were doing loop-d-loops on the lake.


The Wausau airport is next to Lake Wausau. The runway we took off from (actually we took off from the grass; it’s better for the tires if I recall correctly) takes you immediately over the water.

Stearman Biplane over Lake Wausau

The large hill in the background is Rib Mountain.

If I had snapped a picture just a few seconds earlier (and you could see through the trees), you’d be able to see the house I grew up in. It was across the river/lake from the airport, so the sound of airplanes taking off and landing became white noise.

Stearman Biplane

When I was a kid, I really liked how the struts were N's for Natalie.

The large mountain hill in the background is Rib Mountain.


Stearman Biplane

Not all of Wausau is picturesque from the sky, unfortunately.


It was fun, and I’m looking forward to next time. Hopefully by then I’ll know a thing or two more about what to do and how to do it :)

I plan on blogging about the process – who knows how long it’ll take; I’m not really going to devote myself to it full-time (for now).

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Link Love: Society Social

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Through a link from the “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You” challenge (this thing just keeps giving and giving!), I happened across the lovely Roxy, who owns a business called Society Social.

They’re¬†”bringing the bar cart back”, and I, for one, could not be more excited about it.

For starters, I could not stop drooling over their website and magalog (yeah- they have a magalog. How freaking cool is that?)  The photo styling and design is impeccable; I love it.

They actually have a wide variety of furniture, but I’m really loving their bar carts. I don’t even really like drinking, but I’d love one of these in my house. I think my favorite is The Hostess? They’re all so very Mad Men.

That’s not even everything- they sell Hostess Gowns, vintage items (gasp!) and – wait for it – cocktail rings! Mother of God, I love cocktail rings.

I’m in love with how their items are so classic and vintage, yet updated with bright colors. They’re all seriously gorgeous.

Now, if you’ll leave me be, I’ll be daydreaming that I’m Joan Holloway, serving cocktails from a turquoise bar cart on my patio.

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Free Printable: Cat-Eye Glasses Notecards and Envelopes

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I designed some cute little cat-eye notecards and matching envelopes. Just print the cards on cardstock and the envelopes on regular letter paper.

The .pdf download includes glasses in four different colors (two per 8.5×11″ page) and an envelope for each.

Please feel free to share the preview image, but link them back here! These are for personal use only, please.

Download Here!



PS: If you download and find them useful, please leave a comment! I always respond, and they make my day!


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